15 ml Amber glass bottle with dropper benefits!

When you want to choose the suitable packaging and bottle storage for your product, you must know what to expect and what you can get. With n-number of options available to choose from, knowing the best cosmetics or medication bottle that will fit your requirements and that of your customers if you are in such business is crucial. 15 ml Amber glass bottle is one variety of beautiful packaging. It is a trend now in the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry, especially for the packaging of essential oils, perfume blends, beard oils, and much more. Other than business purposes, a 15 ml amber glass bottle is a perfect storage solution for your home.

Why 15 ml amber glass bottle over clear glass bottle?

Although clear glass bottles seem more convenient as you can perceive the quantity of the product and its physical appearance, amber glass bottles possess extra advantages compared to clear glass bottles.

We know that most medications, essential oils, and cosmetics products become adulterated when exposed to the sun or direct air for a more extended period. Most medicines, essential oils, and cosmetic products get affected by photo-oxidation that is caused due to UV rays. The Amber glass bottle provides the best protection against UV rays, blue light, and other light wavelengths under the 450 – nanometer Range. These harmful rays are responsible for destructive chemical reactions.

Typical uses of 15 ml glass amber bottle

  1. Storage of essential oils or aromatic oils
  2. Cosmetics
  3. Perfume blends
  4. skincare products
  5. Food coloring
  6. Rubbing alcohol
  7. Medications including tinctures, ear, and eye drops, etc.

Why are 15 ml amber glass bottles best?

  • 15 ML amber glass bottle is perfect for storage of product that is needed in small quantity. The amber Glass prevents the content from damaging UV rays and other lights.
  • Its Eros plastic dropper helps one manage the usage and take the required quantity without any wastage of the valuable product.
  • The quality top cap seals tightly to control the oxidizing effects of air.
  • Although Glass is recyclable, the rules can get a bit tricky when color is added to it. Amber glass is technically cent percent recyclable, but it could only be smashed up and reshaped into a new amber glass bottle.
  • Amber bottles are reusable. One can clean it and reuse it to fill oil blends, medication, or any such product.
  • 15 ML amber glass bottles are the perfect traveling companion. Due to their compact size, they are easy to pack and carry for traveling. Its tight sealing cap prevents any leakage and avoids any damage due to it.

Many of the companies are using plastic counterparts in place of amber vials. But glass vials are always known for the quality of the material. Glass is non-pours and impermeable; thus, it does not react with the content inside the bottle. On to that, amber glass bottles are reusable, recyclable almost infinitely without beating their strength and quality. Due to its recycling quality, it is environment friendly as well. It consumes very less energy for recycling process and hence amber glass vials must be a priority on plastic bottles.

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