Hair Care and Growth Recipes – Natural and Herbal

Hair care process stays between the dilemma of dos and don’ts. A tug of war goes on between the traditional and the modern concept of hair care. To put oil or not? Condition or not? When you put this question before some elderly lady of the family-like grandma, she will surely suggest you put the oil, use natural and herbal hair wash and conditioner rather than using an expensive range of hair care products messed up with harmful chemicals including artificial colour and fragrance. At the same place when you ask a salon expert, you will get a wholly flipped advice which includes the utilization of newly launched exclusive hair care product from a reputed brand with exceptional content and loads of promises to give a lustrous, long, thick and bouncy hair. Now, what to choose? Before you get convince by either of it here are a few things that you must be aware of before you make any choice. 

Whatever the texture, quality, length, volume and type of your hair are, you must have a perfect and balanced diet with an inclusion of iron and protein. Further proper rest and eight hours of sleep are essential. Stay away from stress. Avoid using styling tools and colorant. Besides these everyday habits, some special care as per the unique requirement of your hairs based on the types of hairs can help you to get the desired result. 

Five herbal remedies for dry hairs

Dry locks seem to be very dull, lustier less and frizzy. Some people are born with such hair while others can get due to lack of proper care, exposure to sun and use of hard and harsh chemicals in the form of colorants, shampoos, styling gels, conditioner and other such products. Hot oil massage is a very effective remedy for dry and frizzy hairs, Following are a few purely Ayurvedic elements for dry and damaged strands. 

  • Amla (Indian Gooseberry) – Amla is a rich source of vitamin C with powerful antioxidants that gives shine and strength to the hair. It is very beneficial for dull and damaged hair, specifically in oil form. It acts as a hair conditioner and moisturizes the hair and scalp, adding to that Amla provide lust and boost up the hair growth. You can prepare amla hair oil at home; another way to use Amla for hair care is in powdered form. You can make a smooth paste of amla powder and coconut oil for a hair mask. 
  • Fenugreek Seeds – This is a natural conditioner which promotes hair growth and nourishes the scalp. It bears the moisturizing properties and makes the hair soft and bouncy. It improves hair growth. It can either added to oil that must undergo a heating process while another way is to prepare a paste out of soaked fenugreek seed, you can also add a bit yoghurt to get the benefits of lactic acid in your hair mask.  
  • Bhringraj – Brhingraj bears the best scalp rejuvenating properties that can add shine to your locks. Its powder can be added to the carrier oil, or one can directly apply the paste of fresh bhringraj leaves over the hairs and scalp. It is a well-known remedy for thin strands and adds volume and bounce to the hair. 
  • Flex seeds – Flex seeds gel can easily be prepared at home and is useful for moisturizing scalp and nourishing hair. To make the gel, you need to boil the grounded seed in water. 
  • Hibiscus – Hibiscus is a decorative plant that carries loads of antioxidants and vitamins. Not only flowers but its leaves are also useful to repair damaged hairs. It provides health, and lustier and alongside treats dandruff. You can prepare a hair mask by blending hibiscus leaves. Powder of dried hibiscus flowers can also use with carrier oil.  

Five herbal remedies for oily hair

How troubled it is when you suddenly get a party invitation, and you have no time to get a hair wash. It is more difficult for girls with oily hair; your hairs get oily just next day when you shampoo your hair. Sticky scalp, unable to put any hairstyle and no volume is common issues with greasy hair. Following herbal components can help you get rid of oily scalp. 

  • Henna – Henna is world known for its conditioning and colouring properties. It gives a bounce to hairs. Henna powder is readily available in the market. You can prepare a blend of henna powder with various other ingredients like yoghurt, fenugreek powder, aelovera, Brahmi and bhrigraj to get multiple hair benefits. The henna hair mask is a perfect treatment for oily scalp and hairs. 
  • Aelovera – Alovera has a high nutritional compound that promotes hair growth, its astringent properties control the sebum productions and prevent the accumulation of sticky particles on hair strands thus helps get rid of oily and dirty scalp and hair. It is also beneficial in treating dandruff. 
  • Shikakai – Shikakai is in use for hair care since ancient time. Its medicinal properties help to remove the oil from your scalp and make it healthy. It can be used in powdered form or paste form. It is a natural shampoo, definitely cannot give the leather as sulphate shampoo. 
  • Lemon – Lemon juice is well known for its oil resistance quality. You can apply oil juice on your oily scalp to make it oil-free. It also makes your hair soft and treats dandruff. It is advantageous to eliminate oil and dirt and cleanse the strands naturally. 
  • Reetha– Retha is one of the most frequently used herbs. It is also known as soap nut and is dry fruits that can be used in powdered form or as a whole. The whole reetha is soaked in boiling water overnight. It gives leather and can be used as a natural hair cleanser. It cleans the dirt and oil from the scalp and also promotes hair growth. 

Premature greying of hairs 

Stress, overuse of chemicals in styling gel and colorants, improper lifestyle and lack of care leads to premature greying of hairs, it also result in thinning of hair and hair fall. These days even the school going students hairs turn out grey. It is quite embarrassing, and it further makes a compulsion to colour the hair regularly to cover the grey. Few herbs are well known for their quality to stop premature greying of hairs. They are – Amla (either in oil form or powdered form), hair mask of bhringraj powder, henna powder, onion juice, curry leaves powder and Brahmi powder. You can even prepare oil by mixing all these ingredients into coconut oil and cooking it at low flame for 15 minutes. This oil is beneficial to treat dandruff  and hair fall as well.