Skin Care Recipes – Natural and Herbal

It is the wish of every woman to get a picture-perfect glowing and flawless skin. To get that, women usually arrive in the trap of chemically-laden commercial skincare creams, and lotions that are good for nothing can harm your skin. Then what is the ultimate option that proves to be a panacea? 

We are surrounded by numerous herbs and natural components in the kitchen or kitchen garden, but we are not aware that they are suitable for skin and can help you get rid of all sorts of skin problems. 

Ayurveda believes that ‘beauty comes from inside.’ It needs proper health and metabolism care for glowing skin, in simple terms; we can say that what we eat reflects our skin. Here we are going to discuss a few simple ayurvedic ideas for your skincare as per your skin type, but you must know the nature of your skin. 

Skincare for oily skin 

Oily skin experiences the overproduction of sebum. Such skin is vulnerable to blackheads and whiteheads and acne as well. Special care is needed to keep oily skin clean to avoid infection. The following are some ayurvedic ideas that you can implement to make your oily skin clear and healthy. 

Jasmine leaves – Jasmine is well known for its calming and soothing fragrance, but hardly people know its medicinal qualities. Its leaves are antiseptic and can help avoid microbial infections on the skin. It also regulates the amount of oil produced and hence beneficial for people with oily skin. 

How to use – Mix a paste of Jasmine leaves with rose water and apply it all over the face and neck and rinse with normal water after 15 minutes. 

Sandalwood powder – Sandalwood powder possesses excellent fragrance adding to that ti also bears skin lightening and cooling properties. Due to its cooling properties, it is usually used over skin after sun exposure. It possesses excellent anti-inflammatory properties and reduces acne, pimples, and other skin rashes. It also clears acne marks.  

How to use – You can make a paste of sandalwood powder with rose water and apply all over the face and leave it to dry. Wash the face with normal water. 

Neem – Neem is just like a blessing for the people who face skin infections. Neem is an excellent anti-bacterial and anti-fungal herb that penetrates deep into the skin and opens up the clogged pores to control the sebum’s excess production. It controls various kinds of skin infections and cures acne and pimples. 

How to use – You can directly boil neem leaves with water for five to eight minutes and can use this water for washing face. Another way is to prepare a face mask, mix two tablespoons of dried neem powder with rose water, add a few drops of tea tree oil and a pinch of turmeric, and apply it over the face. Leave it for 20 minutes and then wash with lukewarm water. 

Saffron – Saffron is in use for skincare since ancient times. It bears the anti-fungal and skin lightening properties as well. It also evens down the skin tone. It is effectively used to treat acne, pimples, blackheads, and blemish. 

How to use – Soak a pinch of saffron in two tablespoons warm water overnight, apply the mixture and wash after 20 minutes. 

Fuller earth – Fuller earth is excellent in removing the excess oil, prevents acne eliminates blackheads. It is suitable for skin lightening and removing the scars. It also works as a skin tightening agent. 

How to use – Prepare a mixture of fuller earth and rose water, add a pinch of turmeric into it and apply over your face. Wash it off after it gets dry. 

Skincare for dry skin 

Dry skin produces less amount of sebum than required. Dry skin lacks the lipid needed to moisturize the skin, so the skin cannot resist environmental factors. Following ideas can help you out to manage your dry skin troubles. 

Ripe papaya – Papaya is rich in vitamin A and acts as a skin protector; it protects the skin from dryness. It makes the skin smooth and radiant. 

How to use – You can directly use the ripen papaya as a scrub over the skin, while another way is to mix it with raw milk and massage the skin in a circular motion. 

Coconut oil – Coconut oil is beneficial for skin and hair. It is anti-fungal and anti-bacterial. It acts as sunscreen; thus, you can apply it before sun exposure. It moisturizes the skin and treats rashes and spots. 

How to use – Massage over the face and body with coconut oil before going to bed. Leave it overnight for an effective result. 

Aelovera gel – Alovera gel is rich in vitamin B; it possesses moisturizing properties and can repair the damages while removing dead skin cells. It hydrates the skin and provides glow and radiance and soothes the sunburn. 

How to use – Use it as a night cream, wash the face and apply before sleeping and leave it overnight. 

Almond oil – Almond oil is a very lightweight oil that is known for its skin radiant property. It bears a delightful fragrance and moisturizes the skin. A whole-body massage is beneficial to get rid of dry, itchy skin. 

How to use – A massage with almond oil in a circular motion over the face and body before going to sleep can reveal a beneficial result. 

Calendula – Calendula is a beautiful flower with a pleasant fragrance. It is rich in natural oils that are good for healthy skin. It helps to get rid of dry and irritated skin and also enhances the skin glow. 

How to use – Make a fine paste of the petals of calendula and apply it over the skin and leave it until it gets dry. Wash it off with normal water. 

Skincare for normal skin 

Healthy skin needs due care as with the passage of the time; it tends to be dry. Thus healthy skin needs all those remedies that are required to take care of dry skin. It needs proper hydration and moisture, especially in winters. 

Some other remedies for skin problems 

Anti-aging – A paste of ripe banana and honey is a perfect remedy to prevent wrinkles and signs of aging. Even the peel of banana is quite useful; you can gently rub the inner part of the banana peel over the skin to prevent wrinkles. 

Ashwagandha is another ayurvedic herb useful for wrinkle-free skin. Mix ashwagandha powder, dried ginger powder and dried lemon peel powder in equal quantity, boil it with one cup of water and reduce to half. Apply over the face when it cools down. 

Dull skin – To bring the radiance, you can prepare mask honey, lemon juice, and a pinch of saffron. You can add aelovera gel as well into this mask. 

Chickpea flour is rich in protein, it hen mix with a tablespoon ratan jot oil, a pinch of turmeric powder and a bit of milk to prepare a paste, it gives an exceptional result out glow and radiance in dull skin.  

Spots and scars – Potato juice is quite useful for spot clearing treatment over the skin. Potato juice, when mix with honey, gives a dual impact of anti-aging and spot cleaning. 

Sunburn – The bumps of silk cotton trees are very effective in removing the sun tanning and sunburn marks or even many other kinds of marks and scars. It would be best if you rubbed it with a few drops of water or rose water to extract a paste. 

Skin whitening – Majistha is a beneficial herb that can be used internally and externally. You can prepare a face mask using manjistha powder with honey and rose. It also prevents and cures pimples. 

Most important factor

When it comes to skincare, we mostly concentrate on the face, but the skin is the largest body organ, and we need to take care of overall body skin. For that, one needs to take proper health care, a regular healthy and balanced diet, regular exercise, meditation, and drinking approximately 12-15 glass of water is very needful. 

A regular body massage is essential to maintain healthy skin, you need to take due care of your hands and feet, and people usually ignore them, which result in dull, rough and wrinkled hands and feet with cracks. Moisturizing the elbows and knees are equally important. Body scrub and exfoliates should be used once in a week. You can use rock salt or sugar with olive oil as a body scrub and exfoliate. 

Skincare is not tricky, but one needs to be actively conscious to prompt with that. You need to follow a regular skin care schedule to get numerous compliments for your beautiful, radiant, and young-looking skin.