Tea Health Benefits, Types and Best Tea to Buy

Tea is one of the most popular beverages in the world. It is the most widely demanded drink next only to water. Tea Plant is native to East Asian Countries, the most famous tea growers are China and India. The beverage, usually made by pouring boiling water on the tea leaves, is popular as a refreshing morning drink and in high demand in the evening for high tea. At the same time it is also the most wanted drink by guests visiting friends and relatives.

Tea types

Teas are usually classified according to the region it comes from. The broader category could be the country of origin, but tea lovers will identify them from the particular area within the country like Darjeeling, Assam and Nilgiri in India, Yunan and Keemun in China, Enshu in Japan and Uva and Dimbula in Sri Lanka.

The soil, climate and environment has a significant impact on the tea plant’s aroma and flavour. There are 6 main types of teas :

  1. Black Tea
  2. White Tea
  3. Green Tea
  4. Yellow Tea
  5. Oolong Tea
  6. Pu-erh Tea

Black Tea

The cultivation, harvesting and oxidization method darkens the tea giving it a distinct feature. The best method to make this tea is to boil water and let the tea steep. Black tea doesn’t have a distinct flavour. Black tea lowers cholesterol and decreases the risk of heart attack and blood pressure. It is a popular drink in weight loss programs.

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White tea

White tea has low oxidization levels and it goes through very little processing. Tiny baby buds are harvested and dried slowly and methodically to reduce moisture. White tea tastes soft and fresh with a sweet aroma. Unlike green tea it doesn’t become bitter. Flavours of white tea depends on the levels of oxidization. Less oxidized can be fruity and more oxidized can be woody and spicy. Health benefits of white tea are reduced cholesterol levels, increased metabolism, healthier skin and bones, and a strong immune system.

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Green Tea

Green tea doesn’t go through the oxidization process. Instead it goes through an intense heat process initially to prevent oxidization. Green tea is mainly produced in China and Japan. Their heating processes are different. The Chinese dry heat in pan and Japanese steam heat the tea to prevent oxidization. Green tea has a delicate, fresh and grassy flavour. Green tea increases mental alertness, assists in digestion, can help prevent heart disease and cancer. It is also a popular diet drink for people trying to lose weight.

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